Coastal Retreats

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Operating exclusively where the land meets the sea, Coastal Retreats specializes in the sale

of fine properties in locations by the ocean.


We’ve been doing what we do for over 15 years, and know this market and these beautiful coastal places like the inside of our own homes.


So whether you are selling your home, or looking to fulfil a dream and purchase a coastal property, our fresh approach means you will always be one step ahead.


The service we offer – whether you’re a buyer, a seller or a developer – is always the same; distinctive, honest and exceptional. We are experts in our field and passionate about where we live, and that shows in how we work.


If you have a coastal home to sell, or are looking to buy somewhere within sight of the sea, Coastal Spaces offers an original concept in an overcrowded marketplace.


So what makes us different?

It is about smart and effective marketing that brings buyers and sellers together at the right price within the market.


It is about making things happen; in the right time frame, and as smoothly as possible.


It is about dealing honestly, effectively, and courteously with everyone involved in the process.


It is about providing a distinctive and highly personal service that achieves great results.


Our brand is based on like-mindedness. We have a deep understanding of the sector in which we work, and are passionate about what we offer. It’s based on what we know, and the type of service we’d like to receive ourselves.


With no more than a handful of selected homes on our books at any time, we know the properties we are selling inside out. Our expertise is drawing out the unique in your home and its location, highlighting all that’s good about our counties, our beaches and harbour towns to prospective purchasers looking to purchase a coastal property.


And the team here at Coastal Retreats will always have an equal knowledge of your home and an equal relationship with you, so no matter who you deal with, you will always get the highest possible levels of service.


We work hard to form strong relationships with people who are looking to purchase a property through us. We do not consider potential buyers as a ‘database’; they are real people, looking for a home in which to grow as a family, to make and share memories, to escape to, to build a new life in (or rebuild an old one).


So when acting for you as a seller, our passion is always to bring out the best and the unique in your home and its location; and when representing you as a buyer we will strive tirelessly to find the property that is just right for you and your family.


If you are a developer, our expertise and range of services is based on our own experiences within the sector. We’ve walked in your shoes and we know the rollercoaster that is the world of property developing, particularly holiday and second homes.


So what does that mean for you?

We have a strong understanding of the market. We know who your buyers are, where they’re from, their expectations and their concerns. And we have a proven track record of delivering results.


Our service covers all aspects of your scheme, whether built or at concept stage:

We can produce technical sector reports and buyer profiles; we can work with architects and designers, planners and professionals to inform specification, size and mix of unit, choice of materials, finishes, interiors or furnishings. We take on all that sits under the umbrella of marketing: developing a brand, producing a brochure and website, advertising and selling. And of course we undertake the physical sales role, generating and handling enquiries, conducting viewings, and negotiating through the conveyancing process.


If you would like to see some case studies highlighting projects we have worked on, please ask.